Britt ekland rod stewart dating

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Britt ekland rod stewart dating

For two decades, Victoria Sellers has been a walking symbol of Hollywood excess, a hard-living socialite whose instinct for trouble surpasses those of both her famous parents combined.

Now she's stamping up and down, sticking her chest out and wailing loudly.

English actor Peter Sellers was a 38-year-old divorced father of two when he saw a picture of 21-year-old Britt Ekland in the newspaper in early February 1964.

Ekland was in London to begin filming a movie, and was staying at the same hotel Peter Sellers (The Dorchester).

She told that she got a call from Sellers valet, asking her to meet Peter Sellers for a drink in his suite.

The following day Sellers took her to Kensington Palace and introduced her to his friends Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret.

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It started with a picture of a dumpy, sulky-looking teenager slumped in a chair and holding a dog. 'This girl had no idea how her life would change within a couple of years.

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