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Thank you" (female member) Please see our "About Us" page for many more real testimonials that we have received! If you're married, but looking, Married Secrets can help.

Married Secrets is an online dating web site that caters to married people looking to recapture that feeling.

Married people may be very happy with their current situation, or very unhappy with it.And still couldn’t get a proper answer or find an underlying reason for that matter.Some people do look for married people because they don’t want to be attached.And there are other people who do it because they find married people to be more attractive than most.Not as Simple First of all, the world doesn’t consist of simple black and white value.

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There is no doubt that people experience trauma and need therapy at certain points in their lives and this book is no solution for people with serious mental illness, yet much of the "business" of therapy feeds off of people that repeat the same unhealthy patterns (like the person that keeps dating married people and wonders why they can't find a committed relationship).

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