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We spotted Griffin with boyfriend and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the Emmys, and the fiery comic was sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring.“I don’t kiss and tell,” the usually forthcoming Griffin told I think we have so much in common.” Quips Griffin, who later shared chocolate covered strawberries with Wozniak at the Entertainment Tonight party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, “The thing is he doesn’t realize that I am the brains of the operation and he is like some dumb bimbo that I picked up!Rumor has it the former love birds ended their marriage on Valentines Day, only a month after Mr. Too bad she's too high maintenance, and he's too high maintenance, or else it would have lasted. Check this out, a BLOG POST from Steve Wozniak, just one year ago!Money Bags served Ellen divorce papers, according to reports. I Really Do Have The Best Wife In The World August 18, 2006 Posted by Steve in Homelife. He's Kathy's version of marrying a troll for money and trying to love the troll, aka Ellen & Revlon troll-looking guy who also goes through women like kleenex. Horrible looking, and buys women (even high profile types like Ellen Barkin and Kathy Griffin), and they fall for these guys, yet don't get much in the way of money from them." ...even high profile types like Ellen Barkin and Kathy Griffin), and they fall for these guys, yet don't get much in the way of money from them."Barkin was awarded million in her divorce from Ronald Perelman after seven years together.

Here's a news article on it: Ellen Barkin Nets Mil in Divorce Settlement February 24, 2006 - Ellen Barkin Ellen Barkin Nets Mil in Divorce Settlement Ellen Barkin Photos (43)Actress Ellen Barkin reportedly received -million in her quickie divorce from Revlon billionaire Ron Perelman. At least get 50 million from him in case you divorce!

also nicknamed "The Woz", is an American inventor, electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur who co-founded Apple Inc.

He is known as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, along with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Sure, we know the two have already broken up, but observing them interact—behold the clip above, in which a Segway training session is as tender and romantic as a shared plate of spaghetti in —at least gave us some inkling into what made their much-buzzed about relationship work while it lasted. —OK, not all that shocking—news that Griffin and The Woz never, you know, actually..."The truth is," she added, "we really were friends the whole time." She announced their split in April (they met in 2007 after he watched her perform).

After they called it quits, she said "he met someone very quickly and then they [got] engaged.""I have had dinner with them, and she's a thousand times more appropriate! "I hate to say it, but in the Bruce, Demi, Ashton [scheme of things], I'm the Bruce! Regardless of carnal knowledge, however, the bar has been set: If you expect to woo her, Miss Griffin demands nothing short of one billion dollars in liquid assets (that's what comes of learning your first husband took ,000 out of your bank account in small ATM installments), upon which she'll gladly accept your offer for dinner, and generously overlook any obvious toupees that might have come along for the ride.

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This list contains Kathy Griffin's famous exes like Steve Wozniak and Levi Johnston.