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and "absolutely perfect." PHOTOS: 2014's babies of the year alum, 31, announced in September that she and Miller, 34, were expecting a little one together.This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose.|Source=John Mueller, via email, to Nicholas Moreau. ’s cable network debut on FX racked up 5.74 million viewers.One star who doesn't have to worry about that, though? The 30-year-old actress plays Lacey, a scorned lover who shot her ex-boyfriend in the genitals because he was caught cheating.

The series premiered in June 2012 to astronomically high ratings, quickly followed by global syndication, catapulting De Wulf onto the world radar almost instantaniously. May I tell you what I think of you from the times we’ve met? I believe that you are a very open and accommodating personality and do consider opinions other than your own. Let’s say for a moment you were not Noureen De Wulf.

After an eight-episode run of the popular docu-series – which gave fans an inside look into the daily lives of the women behind some of hockey’s biggest players – the W network show has scored a second season.

When “It's been a fun experience,” said Kodette La Barbera, wife of Anaheim Ducks goalie Jason Labarbera. Thankfully, the 31-year-old Hollywood beauty has already had some practice mothering her beloved French bulldog, Puck.

After just 10 episode, it inked a deal for an unprecedented 90-episode order.

It's a daunting amount of episodes for actors with dreams beyond the small screen, dreams that don't include joining the Ross Gellers and the Arthur Fonzarellis of the world.

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