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Sexchat conversation

They also confirmed the incident was being reviewed.

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The police do not remain silent in proving the validity of the conversation. Investigators will also check and match Habib Rizieq's mobile phone and Firza Husein's mobile phones.

In the papers, Chrystal also alleges the DCFS investigators asked if she'd ever given Ariel a very graphic demonstration regarding how to use Monistat 7.Chrystal Workman says authorities falsely accused her of talking oral sex to her daughter, "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter -- and she wants to get to the bottom of the claims by putting Ariel's psychiatrist and her attorney on the hot seat.In her latest legal filing, Chrystal says she wants her attorneys to depose the doc and lawyer in order to defend herself against allegations of sexual abuse she believes Ariel made against her.Unless you’re an outrageous extrovert or into some pretty kinky shiznit, you probably don’t want any unwanted earwiggers listening in on your phone sex.So the worst thing you can imagine would be receiving a randy call while your mobile was on speaker, right? Spare a thought for two randy police officers in Winnipeg who were just trying to get their kicks – completely unaware their entire X-rated conversation was blaring out through helicopter loud speakers.

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According to Iriawan if the sex chat is slander or the result of engineering, of course Rizieq and Firza felt harmed and then reported it to the police. The police have gathered evidence based on the information of experts, i.e., digital forensic and anthropometry experts, criminal experts, and linguists.

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