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Take time to work through this tutorial, it is particularly important to get to grips with object properties since it can make the difference between a really good Auto CAD drawing and a really terrible one.If you just need information quickly, use the Quick Find toolbar below to go straight to the information you need or select a topic from the contents list above. Experienced Auto CAD users use layers all the time and that is why the Object Properties toolbar contains so many layer functions.One of the features not included in the new Auto CAD 2011 for Mac release is the Layer States Manager dialog.

The concept of is very important in Auto CAD and the correct use of layers can make your drawing much easier to work with.

Basically, layers are the computer equivalent of tracing overlays on a drawing board.

However, layers are much more powerful because you can have many layers in a single drawing and you can control the of layers independently.

For over 10 years, Auto CAD expert Lynn Allen has produced an annual collection of her top tips and tricks for Auto CAD and Auto CAD LT.

This year, using feedback from Auto CAD users around the globe, she put together an exclusive collection of her – and your – favorite and most requested tips and tricks.

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The difference between the two really only amounts to the extra tools available along the top tool bar and how they affect the Layer organization.

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