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This uses the Internet Address class which has most of the RFC mail address checks implmented.

This package provides the necessary classes for using Regular Expressions in a java application.

They are patterns of characters used to perform search, extract or replace operations on the given text.

Regular expressions can also be used to validate that the input conforms to a given format.

There may be more usecase but that’s not point of discussion here. validating email address in java using regular expressions.

List emails = new Array List(); emails.add("[email protected]"); emails.add("[email protected]"); emails.add("[email protected]"); emails.add("[email protected]"); emails.add("user#@in"); emails.add("[email protected]"); //Invalid emails emails.add(""); emails.add(""); String regex = "^(. )$"; Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(regex); for(String email : emails) Output: [email protected]: true [email protected] : true [email protected]: true [email protected]: true user#@in : true [email protected] : true user#: false @: false In this regex, we have added some restriction osn username part of email address.

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Taking all these into account some valid email addresses are: Email ID [email protected] is valid?