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Validating Text Box : Read Only Changed Text Box Text Box- - C#! Text Box'a , - C# private void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) textbox'a private void... It flags invalid input by changing the box color, showing an icon, and displaying a tooltip detailing the error.

Key Press Dim allowed Chars As String = "0123456789" If allowed Chars. Regardless of the plat form, you should look into the validation controls offered by the framework, and that will allow you to validate that there is indeed input, values are in a specified range, and also using regex write more complicated validation rules. So before saving data, I want to validate whether all the required fields are filled (Text Boxes) by the user. I would rather use a generic function that would be passed each control on the form and based on the type of the control, separate validation logic would be case extra validation like restricting validation to some of the controls only, that would be decided at the function calling level.Imagine the following: I am trying to copy an number from a website. Unfortunately, the text I have copied includes something else, too, e.g.

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“ The fastest way for validation is using regular expressions.

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